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About Us

As noted on the Home Page, The Hurley Law Firm is the name under which Attorney Noel Langston Hurley practices in Georgia courts.

My Statement: The practice areas were chosen for a variety of reasons, primarily that they each were areas in which I believe individuals can truly benefit from good competent ethical legal representation. Many people can describe situations that could have resulted either much better, or much worse, based on the intervention and actions of attorneys on either side of any issues. In criminal law, it is often easy to see how much difference an attorney can make, but in other areas the differences can be drastic, even if never resulting in lost freedom. Unfortunately, especially in family law situations, the losses can never be quantified in currency, but are only noted in much more valuable losses, such as parental rights, being unable to prevent your child from entering a dangerous situation, or not being able to have the surgery needed as the result of another person's negligence.

I have practiced law for twenty years with this goal in mind, and look forward to putting my knowledge, education and experience to work to help you and your family through a difficult situation.

Professional Association Memberships: State Bar of Georgia, Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Gate City Bar Association.

About Us

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